Sunday, January 13, 2013

Travel Naps

Part of the Christmas day plan is to get up, have some breakfast, open the girl's present from Santa (and one more as a family). Then we drive across the state to see Grammy and my family for Christmas. In a perfect world, the girl's will all sleep in the car...As it turns out, usually it's only mommy who sleeps. Luckily, both Abby and Olive are really good car riders.  They read books, draw, and play games in their seats so I can concentrate on how awesome the new Metallica album is...Just kidding, lately I've been listening to books on tape. Neil Gaiman is SUCH a great reader.
     So, the girls are super excited when they get to Grammy's and are just too busy to be bothered to take naps. Which means that in the late afternoon, we end up with cranky kids who fall asleep at the dinner table. Ha-ha-ha!

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