Sunday, January 13, 2013

Speaking Of Santa

So, we do talk about Santa in our house. We talk about being kind and thoughtful. We talk about where most of our gifts come from and why, and that it's important to think about what the people we're giving to want, not what we want to borrow of theirs. So anyway, Santa only brings one present, because the rest come from people who love and care about us, and who are thinking of us.

     Leading up to Christmas, there were some questions about how Santa would get in, since we don't have a chimney. Abby, ever the scientist, came up with some Hypothesis'.

1. He'd come up the drain pipe.
2. He could come in the window.
3. He'd come through the front door.
4. He carried his own chimney to use "just in case"/
5. He's just magic.

Abby was excited to see that his snack was gone, and that he'd left a gift for her and Olive to share. He did indeed make it in.

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