Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Party All Nite

*I was running out of time to get this book in to the Sketchbook Project, so had to cheat a little and recycle an older piece of artwork. Sorry!*

The hardest part of being a parent the week after Christmas, is getting them to let you play with their new toys. Especially things like train sets, race tracks, or the new marble tower with chutes, slides, funnels and spinny things...Man, it's soooo cool, but they keep on messing it up when I'm trying to build it. 
     There are kids out there who think that Mom and Dad have parties after they go to bed. While it's not always true, and hardly EVER true in the way we thought of parties in college, there's definitely something to having a little peace while playing with the new train set.

Or while watching those marbles roll down their tracks into the bucket at the bottom.

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