Sunday, April 28, 2013

Last Minute Comicing...

I pulled in to Cincinnati the nite before SPACE to hang out with my friend Leighton, and then we were going to drive up to Columbus in the morning. Leighton had a surprise for me, though...We still had 60 comic books to print and assemble. As if that weren't enough, Friday is the one nite of the week that Kinkos closes "early". Early being 10:00, but when it was already 9:00, that didn't give us much time. There was much gnashing of teeth, recriminations, condolences, encouragement and finally at 10:15, we were finished. The guy running the shop very kindly let us stay a few minutes late to finish folding and stapling the books.
The next morning at breakfast, Leightons four-year-old daughter read the whole book to me, and now no other reading can live up to that one. If you'd like to find a four-year-old of your own to have read it to you, the book can be found serialized online here, on the Monsters Against Robots web page.

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