Sunday, March 31, 2013

100 Themes: Gray

And so concludes the first story arc of the Dragon and the Witch. As is often the case with imaginative play, things get pretty crazy in a hurry. Ha-ha-ha! I'm looking forward to exploring this story and characters a bit more in the future, as I think I learned a bit about how they tick over the last couple of weeks. Especially the dragon, as he's seeming to not understand how people work at all, and is more excited/curious about what's going on with Abby's arrow wound.

I'm going to the S.P.A.C.E. small press expo in Columbus, Ohio in a couple of weeks, with my friend Leighton Conner (Fuzzball & Scuzzball, Laser Brigade), so I'm working frantically to get my books ready in time. Amy's editing while I'm finishing up the cover, doing freelance work, and making comics. It's really hectic right now, and I think the next theme "Fortitude" will talk a little about it.

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