Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Guest Comic By James Hornesby

Today, I'm taking a little break and doing a guest post by my friend James Hornesby from Botched Spot, the pro-wrestling webcomic! He was my table mate at Wizard World Saint Louis, and is also a regular artist for Hex Games. This is his comic of me at conventions hassling passers by.

Most of my comic time this week was taken up working on the new website and client work. I've been scrabbling to get the shop up and running before the new year so that I can close my etsy shop as their new policies take effect. We talked it over, and feel like they just represent too much of a shift from the local, sustainable, handmade model that we value. If we're going to be forced to compete with factories anyway, than we want to do it from our own site, and not pay etsy for the privilege of the fight. So where does that put us? The shop is about a third complete, and I have some things to tweak on the back end. All of our urls now point there, so if you want to see some really great handmade gifts, games, accessories and illustrations check us out at www.LifeWithGirls.com or www.HandmadeFamily.com

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