Monday, December 17, 2012

Nap Time Is An Adventure

Nap time is less than relaxing and productive since Olive has decided to pretty much stop taking them. Mostly now they involve her playing (loudly) in her room, going on adventures into the hall, and me coming up out of the basement to chase her back to bed. After nap time, or quiet time, or whatever it's become, we usually try to do something creative together...

Abby covered a rock with stickers today to make a Christmas gift, while I drew in the sketchbook.
Abby: "Who are you making, dad?"
Me: "It's you."
Abby: "Awww...Look at my pretty head! Can you draw my clothes like I'm wearing too?"

Meanwhile, Olive played out a story of drama, suspense and action using her hands as characters. One would "fall" off her cup, and the other would "save" it.


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